Christmas Party 2017 !!!

High-Water Mark School pupils had a splendid time at our Christmas party. We had fun with Mascot and Santa Claus. We presented the variety of Christmas carol songs, played lots of fun games and danced our socks off!!! It was also a time we showed our skill on Recorder. It was lucky we had lots […]

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The Best Education is Available Now

The question is no longer whether you give your children an education, the question now is in the quality of education you give them. You know, this statement of John F. Kennedy is true that” A child miseducated is a child lost”. Your children’s education is paramount to you and to them, it is compulsory […]

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End of Session Thanksgiving Party

High-Water Mark School is one year old today July 4, 2017. Though young it is amazing for the ground covered. To God be the glory. It was a day of demonstration of cultural dance, musical performances, programming, and poem recitations. We are still on the path of greater height. All thanks to the management, staff, […]

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