Highlights of Events from 4thweek to 6th week. No. 3 is a must read!


1. First CA

The first CA was held on the 29th-1st February, 2019.
It was in the past that pupils waited for teachers to read out questions to them before they answered.

Here at High-water mark school, we train our students to be independent and resourceful.

This is obvious in the brainstorming you see them doing in these pictures.

2. Quiz

The general paper quiz was held on Wednesday, 6th of February, 2019.It was an exciting performance as it was keenly contested. Two classes came first( Year 3 and year 1) and two classes also clinched the second position(year 2 and year 4). However, Year 3 demonstrated consistency in excellence as they scored a hat trick. They became first in debate, first in Maths quiz and first in General quiz. Congratulations to them.

3. Excursion

In line with the school’s objective to take the classroom to the field,
On 7th of February, 2019,the school embarked on an excursion to Autoprobe services limited. Autoprobe services limited is an auto-mechanic repair company.

The party headed by the school proprietor, Mr. Akinsola, left the school premises with two vehicles conveying four teachers and 30 pupils.

They arrived at the premises of Autoprobe services limited at exactly 10.30am. They were received by, Mr. Femi, a representative of Autoprobe services limited, who introduced himself as the guide for the excursion.

The pupils were taken to learn about the various parts of an auto repair shop. They visited the body part section which houses the baking room, panel beating and welding session. They were also showed some instrument used in carrying out repairs in those sections.

They then proceeded to the mechanical section where they were showed the engines of a car and how an engine was put into the car through the help of a crane.

The AC section was the next and the pupils learnt about the myths of fuel and air condition. They learnt that a vehicle in a good condition doesn’t consume fuel against popular opinion that it does.

The wheel and tyre alignment section was where the excursion came to an end. The pupils learnt how the hydraulic system works.
They asked interesting questions such as how the fluid in the hydraulic containers work and what happens if one is inside a car while it is being lifted up by an hydraulic.

Mr. Femi was a very helpful guide as he provided answers to every questions raised by the pupils.

The Management of High-Water Mark appreciates the generosity of Autoprobe Services Limited as they unexpectedly offered gifts to the pupils and the school.

So far, it has been wonderful having you read our blog section. We appreciate your comments as always.

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