The High-Water Mark Learning Culture

The High-Water Mark Culture is about who we are, what we do, what we believe and what we plan to achieve. It institutes a common way of life not only for those of us who work here but for all who interact with us.
Setting the Standard through the Right Culture.
The core part of our High-Water Mark Culture is our vision … utilising best practices in education, in partnership with parents, to motivate children to learn and be a global standard in their adult life.
Our vision means we:

  • provide for each child carefully planned and organized learning experiences in line with British, Cambridge and Nigerian curriculum;
  • are people and school with high capabilities and commitment;
  • encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of the children, augmenting skills already learned and stimulating new skills;
  • are the reliable partner with the parent in an inclusive approach, enabling every child to progress in all aspects of school life.

Our Values

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