We make use of Montessori and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards to care, teach, and develop your child from birth to 5 years old.

Your child will mostly be taught through games and play to develop in the following areas:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design.

Useful Links

Learning at home

My Story – BBC

We promote Language development through:

  • use of puppets or other props to encourage children to focus, listen and make appropriate responses;
  • children explore a wide range of materials during play and talk about them;
  • carer engaged children in conversation and model appropriate language;
  • children learn how to talk to one another through retelling story and engaging adults;
  • children develop language through imaginative activities including dressing up and role-play;
  • children observe carer reading and writing and participate in return;
  • children access appropriate ICT resources, for example, those which allow them to listen to and enjoy stories or which build vocabulary; and
  • children listen to and practice rhymes through audio-visual media.

Through game and play, children develop the understanding of:

  • time to experiment with a wide range of materials;
  • opportunities to hear the mathematical language (numbers and space) being used as a natural part of conversations with adults;
  • opportunities to explore and investigate the properties (size, shape and pattern) of the materials;
  • time to consolidate their understanding of concepts; and
  • mathematical language (relationship) as they talk about their experiences and findings with adults and peers.

We expose children to the study of plants, animals, rocks, water, magnetism, colour, and light, and the solar system.

Children learn through their senses;

children access series of sensorial materials to learn differences in colour, texture, flavour, scent, weight, pressure or temperature.

We take advantage of young child’s natural desire to learn real-life skills to teach “everyday living exercises” through:

  • learning to pour their own water and zip their own coats; and
  • involving in fine motor activities to prepare children for writing.

Children take part in the creative art activities to help them to think through ideas, to develop visual, spatial and tactile awareness. They have the following  opportunities:

  • paint/draw at vertical and horizontal levels, using paper of different colours, shapes, textures and sizes;
  • paint/draw pictures from direct observation of objects, for example, flowers, fruit, snails;
  • paint on other surfaces such as fabric, card, perspex, windows; and
  • use paper, card, wood, fabrics and scrap materials to make pictures and models.

Children learn to work and play together:

  • learn daily courtesy and mutual respect;
  • share current affairs news with peers;
  • take turns and share materials; and
  • conflict resolution.

Children explore feelings and express themselves in ways that support or go beyond verbal communication.

Children take part in both indoor and outdoor play and other activities to:

  • listen to and join in singing rhymes and simple songs;
  • listen to a variety of music, responding to the beat using appropriate actions such as clapping, marching, swaying, nodding head;
  • become aware of different kinds of sounds such as those made by different instruments, loud/quiet, high/low sounds; and
  • explore ways of making sounds using everyday objects like simple percussion and other musical instruments.

Key Stage 1

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Useful Links

Number Time

Learn number with fun using Bernie and Bill range of games. This site is suitable for Numeracy framework for reception year and years 1 and 2.

Little Animals Activity Centres

Good site for part of the Numeracy hour.

Bitesize Mathematics

Max and Molly will take you through Maths adventure.

Key Stage 2

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