The core part of our High-Water Mark Culture is our vision … utilising best practices in education, in partnership with parents, to motivate children to learn and be a global standard in their adult life.

Our vision means we:

  • provide for each child carefully planned and organized learning experiences in line with British, Cambridge and Nigerian curriculum;
  • are people and school with high capabilities and commitment;
  • encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of the child, augmenting skills already learned and stimulating new skills;
  • are a reliable partner with the parent in an inclusive approach, enabling every child to progress in all aspects of school life;

Mission Statement

The mission of High-Water Mark School is to produce great minds of impeccable character, exemplary humanity and outstanding knowledge; established brands of excellence and ingenuity that will be committed to using learned experiences to promote human values, uplift and support others everywhere they are found.


Our school is founded on our core values, which set us apart and guide our conducts. We run our institution in a child-centered and ethical manner. We respect the people, support child right to education, collaborate with all stakeholders in raising children of sound character and knowledge.


We are truthful to others and ourselves. We follow the highest ethical procedure in all our educational services. We walk the talk and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We are thorough and industrious in utilizing best practices in children’s training. We are attentive to views of our colleagues and other stakeholders.


We look for new opportunities and discoveries to render our services better. We are creative to find solutions to solving unforeseen challenges. Our experience, team spirit, growing in capability and assiduousness enable us to resolve issues and deliver results.


We create an environment where all staff and children feel valued, learn from and respect the cultures of everybody. We have inclusive activities that embrace diverse people, ideas, talents, and experiences.

Parent-Teacher Partnership

We value parents’ relationship and develop parent-teacher connections for children’s reading and learning. We share responsibility with parents for educating and socializing children.


We are committed to excel in learning, teaching and leading in everything we do and we strive to continually improve. We are passionate about the school culture that demonstrates the building of educational aspiration and ongoing performance improvement across its community.

Our Approach

Our approach translates our vision into action. It all our resources framework inspires confidence, and stand us out from the competition.

Major Approach

Our approach will integrate diverse curricula in ensuring pupil’s excellence:

Early Education

Stimulate dynamic and essential experience for children to be aware of the world using integrated National, Early Years Foundation Stage and Montessori methods.

Key Stage 1

Assessing pupil on external and internal school performance measures.

Key Stage 2

Prepare the pupil for challenges of the ever-changing world.

Enabling Environment

Three factors that apply to all parts of the school:

  • Invest in people to achieve our goals
  • Leverage on e-learning to stimulate pupil learning
  • Build organization capability to deliver quality teaching practice and pupil’s learning outcomes.
Beneath our approaches and enabling environment are the more detailed plan, techniques, and metrics targeted to guide excellence in learning, teaching, and leading elements. The detailed plans are continually undergoing refining against competition and refreshed to achieve a sustainable frontline performance.
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